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The best cheat app for Words with Friends. Auto Word Cheat automatically inputs and scans the entire board. It then displays every possible word you can spell, sorted by their point value. Auto Word Cheats for Words With Friends also comes with a built in dictionary and anagram finder.


1. Restarting your device and taking a new screenshot will fix 99% of problems you may have with a screenshot not properly reading.

2. To use this app on the iPad you need to use Words With Friends HD, both the free and the paid version will work.

3. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a screenshot where a letter scans wrong then please attach it so I can fine-tune the OCR algorithm.

✩✩✩ FEATURES ✩✩✩
✔ Character recognition scans and inputs the entire board for you (no more manual typing)
✔ The AI automatically calculates the correct point value taking into account word placement and special tiles
✔ The AI supports blank tiles
✔ Uses the exact same dictionary as Words with Friends, therefore the words you use will always be accepted.
✔ Built in dictionary lets you look up the definition of words you are unsure about
✔ Built in anagram finder lets you find all words composed of a set of letters, you can also supply board letters and specify whether you want words that contain the board letters, prefix or suffix them. You can also specify if you have blank tiles.
✔ One Click Import imports your latest screenshot
✔ Return to Game button lets you return to Words with Friends easily
✔ Play custom scenarios by manually inputting letters on the board
✔ If the OCR for some reason scans a letter wrong, simply click on it to input the correct letter

✩✩✩ EASE OF USE ✩✩✩

1. Simply take a screenshots of your Words with Friends or Scrabble® game fully zoomed out.

2. Import the board. The built in character recognize has 99% accuracy. If any tile is scanned wrong, simply click on it and select the appropriate letter.

3. Click analyze. Auto Word Cheat will automatically figure out every possible word you can possibly spell on the board and sort them by their point value.

4. Click on a word to view its placement on the board.

5. If you are unsure about the definition of a word, simply click on the disclosure icon next to the word and you will be shown the definition of the word.