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Folder+ is an advanced encryption app for the iPhone and iPad. All data stored in Folder+ is encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption using a password derived key using 10,000 rounds of PBKDF2.


  • All content encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Encrypted photo albums, videos, notes, contact list and bookmarks.
  • Private web browser with encrypted bookmarks and automatic cache clearing.
  • Intrusion Detection: If anyone attempts to break into the app the attempted password is logged along with a snapshot from the front-facing camera on your device and its location.
  • Email Alerts: Receive an email if someone attempts to break into Folder+.
  • Decoy Account: Create a ‘safe’ password you can use in case you are forced to ‘unlock’ the folder in front of someone else.
  • Password Strength Meter: Instantly know how secure your password is.
  • Ad Free: This app contains no annoying ads.


Photo encryption lets you protect all the photos on your iPhone and iPad. Folder+ lets you create as many albums as you desire. You can import existing media into Folder+ or takes photos directly from your camera, even save from the web using the built-in browser.

Photos can be shared directly from Folder+ through Email, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also print your photos directly from Folder+ or export them back into the Photo App on your iOS device.


Folder+ also supports encrypting video. You can import existing videos from iOS Photo App or shoot videos directly from Folder+.


Folder+ includes a built in notepad that can be used for storing secure notes. This is a great place to store passwords, secret diary entries and other personal notes.


Folder+ has a built in contact manager. This is a great place to store contacts you don’t want to share with the world, whether it be your lawyer, private business contacts or a girlfriend on the side.


The built-in Web Browser automatically erases the cache and all cookies between each session. It comes with an encrypted bookmark manager that lets you store secure bookmarks. You can also save photos directly from the web into your encrypted photo albums.


Folder+ keeps track of when someone attempts to access the app with an invalid password. Every time an invalid password is attempted Folder+ will log the attempted password, the current location of the device, a photo using the front-facing camera and the time and date. You have the option of receiving email alerts whenever a break-in attempt occurs.


You can set up a decoy account if you wish with a different password that appears to open the Folder. This is great in cases where you are forced to open the app in front of someone. All the data you fill in the decoy account is protected with the same strong AES-256 bit encryption as the data in a ‘regular’ account. There is absolutely no way to the tell the difference between a ‘real’ and a ‘fake’ account. You can create as many decoy accounts as you want.